Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Park day...

Harry is still with us for a few more days and today we went to the park. I have been taking walks with the kids every day, they ride their bikes and I ‘walk’ (more like run) along with them. Harry laughs while riding his bike, it’s almost an evil giggle, he haves so much fun going fast! And he loves to crash into Noah’s bike.

Today we went to the store down the street to get one thing and then we went to the park. They were so tired by the time we got to the park that we had to stay there for a while, so that they could rest a bit before we headed home. They love the park and got busy playing. The swing was the best part of the park today, everyone wanted to be on one of the two that are there.

Ben loves to climb...yes he's a monkey
Harry on the coveted swing

The crew
And off they go...

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