Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

For the past 10 years, our Christmas Eve tradition has been to host dinner at our house for my family and Corey's Mom. We have added going to Mass together at the Mission San Diego, because that is our church and it is nice to attend with family. So it ends up being an afternoon event. This year we added the fact that Ben was in the Christmas play during Mass. He was one of the angels! He was so excited to be in the play and super excited that his extended family was going to come and watch him! The bonus was that we had to get there early and we got great seats (for everyone). He did a fantastic job (says I, his Mom).

After Mass, we headed back to our house so that everyone could finish up their portion of dinner (it's a potluck), so that we can eat and then open presents. The kids are all giddy with Santa coming tonight and they want to open presents, now! They were good and were able to wait for all of us to be ready. Everyone got in position and the present unwrapping started. Once started it was hard to stop. Noah really wanted his presents and let me know (loudly) that he was ready for another. It is so great to see how much more aware of what presents are, and who Santa is from year to year.

We look forward to hosting every year and hope that next year we have a bit more room in our home to host a dinner indoors. Tonight, it began to sprinkle before dinner and while we were prepping but when it came time for us to sit, the skies cleared and stayed clear for our meal. That was nice but it was chilly!

Our angel
Noah watching Marissa play a game
Ben playing tic-tac-toe with Uncle Chris
Our 10th annual dinner on the patio
Playing with new toys

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