Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on house...

So we've had lots of showings and several 'successful' -whatever that means- open houses (with another coming up on Sunday), we've had two offers but both backed out because they "aren't ready for the committment of owning"...what a cop-out. Ugh. It is frustrating and really hard to keep the house "show ready" with three children who just want to play and mess it up. So lately we spend a lot of time outside the house, at the park or elsewhere. But we haven't had a call during the week for a few days so I think the interest is slowing down. It's OK. We don't plan on selling to the lowest offer. We need to sell at a certain price point so that we can buy another. If we go with the lowest offer we won't be able to afford another house in the size we need (cuz we need a big house now). We aren't in a hurry either. If we can sell, then we sell. If no one is interested then we stay, no big deal. We've managed living here until now...we can do it for a bit longer.

So that's it! I think I need to bury a St Joseph statue in the yard. I've heard it works!

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