Sunday, December 14, 2008


We had another open house today so we decided to go to Julian for the day. It was awesome and so unplanned. Sometimes the unplanned days are the best times... We ate lunch at a delicious pizza place in Wynola that we've been to before and then headed into Julian. I thought we'd check out the book store first but as we walked up I thought maybe that would be a bad idea with rare books in the store and all. So we turned around and went for hot chocolate and cider. Yummm... It was (literally) freezing cold outside at a cool 32 degrees F so getting a hot chocolate was the best.

As we were driving home through Cuyamaca, we saw quite a bit of snow on the ground! We stopped at Paso Picacho Campground to play for a while. The kids had a blast. Noah kept picking up snow and throwing it at Daddy. Ben did that for a while too but then decided to do some climbing and some snow collecting. Hannah made a snow mountain on a log and everyone had fun. We found icicles hanging on the rooftops, Hannah broke some off and ate them, it was so much fun. It was cold and getting dark so we headed home.

Hot chocolate with Christmas sprinkles
Outside the coffee shop (yes, Hannah has a Halloween shirt does Ben!)

Gotcha Daddy!
Ben & Daddy
Rosy cheeks

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