Friday, December 05, 2008

Open House...

We went to Coronado this afternoon for a bit of Christmas cheer. Coronado hosts an open house where most of the stores stay open later than usual. Everyone walks around, enjoying the cookies, hot chocolate or cider that is offered by the merchants. Some have candies to give away. It's a tradition that we are just starting to get back into.

Tonight, we started out at the Ferry Landing where there was a “mountain of snow” (more like a little hill). We stood in line forever to get onto the mountain, they played on the snow for a few minutes and we went on to decorate cookies and sit on Santa’s lap. We even found some hot chocolate and cookies to keep us going until we got dinner.

We headed to the west side of the island to watch the parade while we ate. We brought a blanket and ate picnic style while watching the parade. That was fun. The parade went by and we were all cozy on the blanket together. Santa was the last in the parade and he came in on an old fire truck. Noah went wild about it. He lit the big tree and then we went walking around. We met up with my family and walked around to see what we could find. We found a band playing music and the kids went wild running around and chasing each other. They even did a little dancing with Grandad. Santa found us and did a little dancing too (I got a video clip of his groovy dancing).
Ben on "snow mountain"
Hannah is armed
Noah was first to talk to Santa. He wants a truck.
Ben and Hannah with Santa
A moment to sit
Dancing with Grandad

And here's the video clip of Santa doing his dance on the street in front of Vons.

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