Thursday, December 18, 2008

Field trip...

For our monthly homeschool field trip we went to the New Children's Museum downtown. It was great and the kids had a great time. We tagged on a trolley ride so we wouldn't have to worry about parking and that made the day extra long and fun. By far the favorite spot was the mattress room, the whole room was a big bed and there were mattresses on the walls with big tire pillows all over the place. They spent the most time in there and got all there jumps and jiggles out. Perfect for little monkeys. There were a few rock walls that they could climb, Ben loved those. A rain house that was cool to run through the keyhole door and listen to the rain, bubbles, blocks,  art, pillows, shadow play, theater, who can forget about lunch and so much more. There were friends to play and experience it all with. The scooters were a big hit and every time we passed them each child jumped on one. We would love to go again and again, they had that much fun.

Shadow art
Shadow play
Mattress room
Rock climber

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