Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

We picked out our Christmas tree today. We always go to pick our tree up in the evening and it is usually chilly. Tonight was especially cold with some wind and sprinkles, so it felt quite a bit like winter. We are a bit hesitant to getting a tree this year because we are trying to sell the house, but we had to. When we have a Christmas tree in the house it is a bit crowded. So we think we will put one of our couches in the garage for the time being and just put the tree by the window. We'll see.

The kids were thrilled with our tree hunt. We always go to the same place because they are close and usually have a nice selection of trees. The kids wanted to pick out some real nice tall ones but they just won't fit in our house, maybe for the next house (next year?). They went from tree to tree and said "how about this one?", "oooh I like this one, it's all fluffy", "which one are we going to get?", "this one's good", or "how much is this one?" When we finally picked one the kids ran to get "the man" and had him get the tree and bring it to our car. They ran and jumped around until strapped into their carseats. We put it on our patio until tomorrow evening, because getting it all decorated tonight was just too much of a task for us. It's a bit late.

Tomorrow (after the open house) we will get all our decorations out and decorate it as well as our house. We are feeling a little bare and without spirit. We did manage to pull the countdown to Christmas calendar out but that is all we have out right now. :)

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