Friday, December 19, 2008

Laguna snow...

We went and played in the snow this afternoon. Our local mountains got about 2 feet of snow this week and it was a beautiful sight. Many times we have been and the snow is just OK but today it was nice and fluffy, deep and so cold. It was great. Every time we've gone sledding until today Noah has cried in the snow, never wanting to sit on the sled by himself and certainly not with Daddy nor myself. He was content with staying in the car. But today he loved it, not one tear, just "I want to do it again...with you (or by myself)" It made it fun for us. Hannah has also never expressed interest in going it alone but today she was a little spitfire (see the video below).  She would throw herself on the sled and took it down the hill, crashing, flipping, jumping, rolling in the snow and squealing with laughter the entire time! Ben was also having a great time. I think he might be getting a cold because he was a little quieter about it today, but that might have just been his mood too. 

We left after it got dark and were the last to leave. It was absolutely beautiful. So if you have a chance to get to the mountains, go! And have fun! There should be more snow coming after this weekend too. :)

On a sad note, we broke a sled, I'm not quite sure what happened to it but it looks like someone kicked a hole through the middle of it... one down, two to go. We threw it out. Maybe Santa will bring us one with handles so that we can steer it.

Noah and Daddy
Tree with sunset sky
Crash landing
Coming down

and a video clip of our daredevil girl and boy. I was standing in the street and they would come right out and land on my legs if I didn't move quick enough. You can hear me narrating but in the background you can hear Hannah squealing with joy. She loved it.

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