Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back yard...

We have a really big back yard and we love to just walk around and look for treasures. That's what Noah, Rebekah and I did today. We started out looking at the big volcano that filled up with water with all the rain we've been having lately. Boy that looks like fun...

We walked all around the back area of the yard. We have started planting lots of fruit and nut trees so someday real soon we will call that an orchard. A previous resident of this house used to do construction so we find lots of strange things around. Mostly they've been buried and with the rain they are uncovered. We have found lots of tiles, glass and car parts and trash. We love hunting fro treasures because each time we do it (which is pretty frequent) we find more! There's no telling what we'll find next :)

Noah and the water-filled volcano
Rebekah checking out some mushrooms
I caught it!
Treasures we found today!

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