Saturday, October 16, 2010


We have 3 kids in soccer this year! Boy oh boy have our weekends been busy! We are actually looking forward to not doing anything on a Saturday morning (at the end of November we'll do that...nothing). Some days we spend at the soccer fields all day and others are quick because they are all playing at the same time!

Today we had 2 games, Noah and Hannah (Ben had a BYE). Noah and Ryan are on the same team and all they want to do is play with each other and talk to each other on the field. It's so funny! Actually they do play but they'd rather be in the bushes digging dinosaurs or attacking something with a Transformer. Noah is such a hustler on the field. He has no fear of the ball or other players. He has a mean kick too. He is really excited about playing his own soccer game this year.

Hannah has improved 100% this year. Her coach is really good at teaching them the positions and showing them the right way to play. She isn't just standing on the field and staring (like she did last year )but she is going for the ball and it looks like she knows what she is supposed to do! She loves to play goalie first thing and then she gets out and plays the field for the rest of the game. She doesn't have many girls on her team this year so there aren't many substitutions, which is good except for on hot days when they need a break.
Orange Bombers
2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate!
snack time!
Rebekah likes snack time too

Wild Cats
Hannah going for it!

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