Monday, October 11, 2010


So, since this has happened 2 days in a row now, I thought I might blog about it.

We have a large dirt hill in the back yard and the kids love to play in it and dig, they bring trucks and tools out there and are busy for hours. It has been raining a lot this year and the mountain has been dug up pretty good.

But yesterday Ben got an idea to fill the hole on top (because it looks like a volcano with a crater on top) with water from a hose. This made a nice large pool and... well...mud! Kids love mud, they love to play with in, in it, make things with it, mix it up, throw it, splatter it all over and more.

Today was no different (except the fact that I wish that they had put on some old grubby clothes beforehand) they got muddy from head to toe. It was freedom at it's best. They didn't hear me saying anything about it (except for making sure the water was turned off when the hole was full). There was mud everywhere, their clothes were dyed a mud color, washing them didn't help. I stuck a bunch of towels on the floor leading to the shower and they showered off. It wasn't warm out either, crisp and cool out so the water and mud was freezing too.

It was fun for them and we don't have any problem letting them explore like that. I am so glad though that they had enough sense to stay outside while dripping with mud. Ah to be a kid again!

Yesterday with cousin Ryan
And today Noah, Hannah and Ryan lounging...
Ryan is pretty frozen in the mud puddle
Hopping into the shower in a minute

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