Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Rebekah likes to stay up late at night. We think it's because she has us all to herself. She gets our undivided attention and even a snack with us. She also loves to read with us, play games, watch movies (like Elmo or Barney, or A trip to the San Diego Zoo) and wrestle with Daddy. Sometimes it is really late when she finally does decide to go to sleep. We love her. She is 20 months old and so cute and full of energy and curiosity! She has a special little giggle and is just a joy to have around. We treasure these late nights with her...even if she does attack us sometimes.

She isn't the only one of our kids who has liked the late nights with us. Ben used to stay up late, Hannah wasn't much of a late nighter and Noah had his share of Mom and Dad time too. So 3 out of 4 party animals, I guess! Ah well, they are memories that we treasure.

Rebekah and Daddy
climbing on Daddy's tummy
standing on Daddy's back

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