Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer and Party...

This afternoon we were busy with 3 soccer games, 3 games to provide snack for and a birthday party for Noah! Whew! We love being able to watch all the games, we are bummed when we aren't able to watch them all on the weekends that they games overlap. Yes, that does make for a quick day at the soccer fields but then one of us misses a game or two. So, today was nice that we got to go to all of their games.

Noah was in a great mood for his game and Hannah and Ben were excited for him too. Noah knew that it was his special day, he was kind of jumpy on the field and he really tried to get a goal.

The kids love when we host the snacks. We were lucky today to bring snacks to all 3 games. They think that it is one of the coolest part of being on a soccer team. Last year the snacks were complete with "party favor type toys" but this year that was not part of it. I, for one, was happy to see that we didn't have to be peer-pressured into assembling goodie bags with toys and pencils and hair ties for each kid.

The party after the games was fun, we invited family and one of Noah's friends. We had a build-your-own nachos bar with tortillas available for anyone who wanted a burrito (that's exactly what Noah wanted us to have for everyone to eat). The boys ran around and around together and had a great time. He scored some awesome presents too.

Hannah and her team at half-time
Noah - the newest 5 year old!
Noah is #7 going for the ball
Noah and Ryan talking about something when they should be watching for the ball!!
Ben is #5
Birthday Party cupcakes for Noah

New stuff!!
Happy Birthday to you!

Marissa and Heather being silly
Heather and Rebekah (what a cute smile!)

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