Friday, October 15, 2010

Boy Scout Halloween...

Ben's Boy Scout pack does a Halloween carnival each year and the kids love to go and win candy. They have a pumpkin carving contest but since this years' carnival is so early in the month we decided to have Ben carve a fake pumpkin (as opposed to a real one) and that way his pumpkin won't be moldy by the end of the weekend. He worked on it real hard, carved it out by himself and did some research on different pumpkin decorations. He came up with his design and I think he did really well. He didn't win this year (probably because some adults carved the better pumpkins and they won) but that didn't get him down. He did a great job. That's one thing about Ben, he lets some things slide off his back, so to speak.

The boys went as Magicians, they wanted to match. That made it easy for me because I had one costume but 2 sizes. And Hannah went as a Garden Fairy. That was pretty easy too. I found the fabric in my giant collection of fabric in the garage and got busy sewing. The decorations were done by Hannah and the Boys made their wands and assembled the clothing for the rest of the costume. Everything was here and we didn't spend a penny (well, except for the fake pumpkin)! It was great! Now with Halloween being a couple of weeks away, their costumes are already finished. If they want to put some finishing touches on them, they have plenty of time!

Magician Noah
Garden Fairy Hannah
Monster pumpkin after the Lego men! eek!
Mummy contest (Ben the Magician is wrapping the leg)

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