Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pickles and olives...

The other day I made pickles! This is the second time I've done it. This time I did two jars because one is sweet 'butter' pickles and the other are sour 'dill' pickles. They are basically the same recipe except the sweet has more sugar than the other. This recipe is so easy to do, I really want to try it with okra and some other veggies like string beans or cauliflower. It takes 24 hours to be ready and they keep for a couple of months in the fridge.

Today we started to process some olives from the tree out in the front of our house. It is a beautiful tree nestled in the corner of our front yard. At this time of the year, it is full of black olives. If we can harvest some of them, that will be another tree that will produce for us. Rebekah helped me pick the olives from the tree, there are a few branches that hang low so she was able to reach all by herself and put the olives in the basket by herself!

The recipe calls for salt brining (not with lye) for 3 weeks and they should be ready to taste after a month, the last week they are in a marinade. I'm supposed to change the brine each week so we shall see how they turn out at the end of November. More info on these to come...
On the tree
In our basket
2 jars to try

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