Thursday, October 07, 2010

Birch Aquarium...

We went to the Birch Aquarium today, they were hosting a homeschool day and it was fun! Corey decided to meet us there for a while too. Hannah & Rebekah loved touching all the creatures they had for the kids (& us!) to touch and handle. It was hard to move them away from one tank to the next. The older kids had a scavenger hunt type activity to do which helped us get through the entire aquarium. We kept running into families that we knew and talking with them for a bit, but then we'd get distracted and go off in another direction. It was a great day and we hope they host another in the spring. The aquarium is a place that we never think of visiting (unlike the zoo which is usually the 1st place we think of going).
Hannah reaching in to get something
and the current table was popular
touching pods
oo pokey!
big fish!

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