Friday, December 28, 2007

Crafts with friends....

The week before Christmas we invited our playgroup over to play and do a little seasonal craft. My kids love to have everyone over and they are really good at sharing their toys and finding some for the younger kids to play with.
We were making snowflakes for hanging on a tree or just to have hanging around the house somewhere. Not many people came but that made it more fun because we didn't have to limit the number of snowflakes the kids made. They could just make as many as they wished! Another activity that was going on was in the wagon. One of the Dads came with his two kids and pushed his kids (& others) in the wagon around the one point he had 4 children in the wagon as he zoomed around the backyard with them. Then the kids were tired of playing in the house so they went inside and played in bed, where they pretended to nap. SO cute!

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