Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderfully busy day! I have done the same route around the county every year since I was a little girl. We have added a little since we've had children so it's even busier!

Last night our families came over to our house and we hosted our 9th annual potluck style Christmas Eve dinner. We roasted a turkey and everyone else brought the sides and salads. It all came together and was delicious! Best of all, I don't have to do all the work! We went to mass at the Mission San Diego de Alcala at 4:00 and then came home to finish up with dinner and then open presents. Boy what a task it is to wait for opening presents for children! They asked every couple of minutes about when they could open presents and then when they finally could, it was a little bit of organized mayhem. Paper flying everywhere and presents being torn open. Everyone was happy. We also made some sugar cookies for Santa, because we hadn't made any yet, why not in the middle of things, right? The kids didn't mind, they actually liked it because they really needed to do something while they waited to open presents.

Today started out with Ben waking up early to find that Santa had come, eaten the cookies and drank the milk we left for him. He also discovered all the presents that Santa left unwrapped by the tree and scoped everyone's out. When Hannah and Noah woke up he told them all about what they got. We started opening presents at 8am and were finished at exactly 8:25am. This was Christmas present opening #2. The kids played for a while with their toys and Grandpa came over around 11am to give his presents (money :) ) but this was a quick stop (opening #3). This afternoon we went to my aunts house in Coronado and exchanged presents with them, we will open them tomorrow. And after that we went to my Granmothers house in La Jolla for the crazy present opening frenzy with my Dad's side of the family. It is crazy and the kids were exhausted. They opened presents threw them into bags and we loaded them in the car. They'restill in bags and now the kids are sleeping. I am on my new computer enjoying the quiet and looking forward to tomorrow...a day full of doing nothing but hanging out at home, or perhaps we'll go for a hike. We are not going anywhere near a mall or a store!

I have pictures, but I'll have to get those uploaded tomorrow... I'm headed off to bed!

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day!

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