Friday, December 28, 2007


My sister hosted a kids Christmas party a few days before Christmas. She went all out for it. There were loads of crafts to do, Santa letters to write and gingerbread cookies to decorate. She had kids food (chicken nuggets) chips, cookies, candies and apple cider. Our cousins and their children were invited to come and everyone had a blast. We got there a little late but still had fun and got to mingle with family. Ben and Hannah had already written letters to Santa (never mailed but still they wrote them) so we skipped over that part and the dove right into decorating gingerbread cookies. They were really interested in playing with their cousins so that is what they spent most of the time doing.
Another thing that my kids got to do for the first time was get their height measured onto the family board. When we were little and growing taller we would always go to our Nana's house and put our little mark on the door frame, marking how tall we were and the date. I'm sure many of us do this with our kids. We have done this for our kids but they have never done it on the original board from Nana's house. So that was a treat!
Here are some pictures of the evening. 
All the kids
Ben's cookie decorating
Hannah being measured

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