Friday, December 14, 2007


A couple of months ago I taught Ben how to sew with a needle and thread. He was very excited to learn since it is something that he sees me do a lot. We cut a few pieces of scrap fabric and sewed around the edge to make a little bag. Hannah was napping but when she woke up she wanted to join in. So we sat and sewed some little bags that they play with.

The next day we got a bigger piece of scrap fabric, drew an outline of a bear on it and then we started with making a stuffed bear. We picked buttons out for the eyes, nose and mouth then sewed them on. Then we started the outline and went all the way around until we got to the point where we could stuff it. I helped along the way and now (after a couple of weeks of hard work) they have a homemade stuffed bear. Hannah’s is named ‘Helena’ and Ben’s bear is named ‘Paint’. They want to learn how to embroider now… I am planning to get them sewing at a machine when they are ready.
Day 1 - small bags

Day 1 - concentration

See it doesn't hurt my thumb...

All done!

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