Sunday, December 30, 2007

I skate...

At some point in the last couple of months (maybe the last month) Noah has started to use the "I" and "me" in his sentences when he refers to himself. "I want drink of water" or "Help me"... It is so amazing to watch him learn how to talk. He uses full sentences and wants to do everything himself. They just grow up so fast!!! He isn't a baby anymore, he certainly doesn't weigh as much as a baby, I can barely carry him across the street.

He was trying to ride a skateboard today ("I want skateboard"), he was so engrossed with figuring it out and trying to get on it that he didn't realize how far he had walked down the sidewalk. He turned around and was a little surprised at where he was. He would put it down, put his foot on it, then stomp on it and sometimes he'd hit it right on the tail and make it flip over, then he'd pick it up and step his foot on it and start the cycle all over again. All the while he would be walking down the sidewalk away from the house.

Ah well, it's fascinating to watch him (& the other kids) grow and learn.

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