Thursday, December 20, 2007


We are not the only monkeys in our family. There are lots of us in the area. The ones we see the most are my family (parents, sister, her kids, & my brothers). We love to go and visit for the day, or for dinner, a party or just to go and hang out. They have a great house and there is lots of things for the kids to do and explore. As we leave though is the most fun...for the kids to get a great goodbye like the send off they give us is really fun. We get into our car and the kids get all buckled into their carseats, we open the kids' windows and start to drive off ever so slowly to watch. As we start to go, my family starts to "ooo-ooo" and "aaa-aah" like monkeys and dance around waving their hands in the air. Everyone gets into it and we all end up laughing. We do it when anyone (family) comes to our house, we try to give them a big send-off too. Here is a picture I took of my family on one such nights...doing the "monkey dance".

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