Saturday, December 08, 2007

Old-fashioned Christmas...

Every year, since Corey and I have been married, we have gone to the old-fashioned Christmas in La Mesa. It is much more low-key than the December lights in Balboa Park so I think that is why we go. Much easier to keep track of 3 with little crowds. They usually have carolers, puppeteers, Santa, rides, vendors and more. This year it rained. So we went hoping to spot Santa and go home. But there was no one there. And if they were there, they were packing up to leave. We didn't leave empty handed though. We headed in to Java Mama and hung out until the rain stopped, enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa and watched the children play together in the play area. Too bad for the rain. I am so glad that we went to Coronado last night, at least the kids got to see Santa!
Kids in the rain Hannah riding on the little roller coaster

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