Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tree trimming...

We joined my cousins tonight for the church's tree trimming celebration. St. Nick was there too. After the prayers the kids got to help decorate the tree with balls and apples. Ben was so excited to be a 6 year old because the 6-8 year olds got to help put the pieces of the creche together. They were old enough to be big helpers. Then we were all invited to the hall for dinner: sloppy joe's. We knew the kids wouldn't eat but went over anyway. They ate the carrot sticks and the cookies. Then they hit the craft table. Our kids were so busy that they had to kick us out of the hall, because it was time to leave! It was a fun night for the kids, we may go next year too!

Tree is all decorated!

Ben's snowman is jumping rope

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