Friday, December 07, 2007

Open house...

When I was a little girl, when we were in town, we would go to the Open House in Coronado. A night when all the businesses on Orange Ave stay open later for the festivities. Some shops would serve egg nog or warm apple cider and offer candies to the kids. Santa Clause rode down the street on a fire engine and would stop and hand out candy canes and other candies to the long line of children.
Tonight I took my children to the open house and they really enjoyed it. I don't know why we haven't been with the kids. It is bigger and better than before. There is a nice sized parade (I had thoughts of the 4th of July parade), Santa still comes down the street on a fire engine but doesn't hand candies out and the stores were open late offering egg nog, cider or cookies. He lit the giant tree on Orange Ave and everyone cheered. We found my cousin and her children, then my sister and Ryan. We walked around and enjoyed the night. On our way home we spotted the balloon buy and waited in line for balloons. Hannah got a flower and Noah and Ben got swords. The boys' balloons popped by the time we got home, Hannah's is still alive.
I'm sure we'll go again, tonight was so much fun!
Watching the parade
Isaac in the parade (my cousins son in blue)
Levi and Ben being monkeys

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