Tuesday, April 01, 2008

City Farmers...

After Marissa’s good April Fool’s joke we decided to go and check out what they had going on at City Farmer’s Nursery. The kids love it there because there is a lot to see. There are all the plants and flowers but there is an assortment of animals too. Everything from birds and koi, to a horse, a rooster and some turtles! So much to see and there is even a little run-down playground that they love to play on. I love the little gardens all over in display to show various ways to organize your yard or garden. There is a little store with organic seeds too and all of the gardening supplies you might need.

Every time we go there is something new to see (we don’t go that often, though we should). This time there was a new pond full of turtles (pond has always been there-the turtles are new), we counted 10, swimming and sunbathing on the rocks. We watched them a while and tried to count them when they were all above water. We went in to the store and they had 5 baby turtles in a dish in there. They were so cute! Now Hannah wants a turtle. Noah & Ben still want a dog. We got our supplies and left with visions in our heads (mine were different from the kids’, I’m sure).

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