Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Our little girl turned 5 today. How time flies. It really doesn’t feel like she is 5 yet, it feels like Ben just turned 5. Well she’s beautiful and full of life, she loves just about anything. As you’ve been reading about her (& her brothers) for the past 5 years. I remember the day I started staying home (3/18/03), my classroom of students were very stressful, I was never in the classroom because I was always off to be trained or in some workshop. It was so hard to be consistent when they really needed me to be. It was hard on me…and them. Not my fault and well… that is history. I had almost exactly one month to be home alone with Ben before Hannah was born. We had fun together just waiting and getting ready for her arrival.

Today was so special, I woke up early and made her a special breakfast to serve her in bed, Ben woke up and helped a bit, Noah did too. I had them go and pick some flowers for her and unbeknownst to me, they woke her up through the window and she was grumpy! That got me grumpy and it ended up not being the morning I pictured for her. Well the rest of the morning we spent getting ready for the party in the afternoon. Hannah got to do whatever she wanted but we didn’t leave the house.

Guests started getting here right around 3 and Hannah couldn’t believe it, she was so excited to have her friends and family over. It was hard to catch up with her throughout the afternoon! She helped decorate her cupcakes with princess rings (we searched everywhere for princess tiara cupcake tiaras-those are what she really wanted on her cupcakes, but we couldn’t find them). We had games that she didn’t want to play… she just wanted to watch. She had a mound of presents to open and this year (as opposed to last year) she opened each one, one right after the next! She loves all of her presents and can’t wait for tomorrow to play with them all and more! Her friend Natalie stayed much later than anyone else and they played and played some more. Natalie started school this year so we haven’t seen them much, this was a great time for them to get to know each other all over again. ☺

Happy Birthday Hannah!!
Opening present from Mommy
Daddy's present
Birthday girl
Noah hung out with Dylan (my cousin in the background)

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