Thursday, April 03, 2008

Strawberries and saving weeds…

We have some strawberries! There have been a couple of berries getting ready to be eaten by our 3 kids, we’ve just been waiting for just the right time to munch on them. So today was the day. We walked by the 5 strawberries (yes, 5) and decided that they would try them out. Hannah and Noah dove in and Ben almost missed out. They were so quick at eating them and now they are gone. Waiting and watching them grow is part of the fun though, there are a few more green ones growing so we’ll wait again!

I decided that today we would get ready to do some weeding under the palm tree. We haven’t touched that little plot of our garden since we chopped our sunflowers down last fall. So I got the hose and started to water while telling the kids that the water will help loosen the weeds’ roots so that we can get them out of the ground easily. We will actually weed this weekend. Ben and Hannah decided that they didn’t want me to weed and throw away the ones that look like trees (yes, we have weeds that look like trees, that is how long it’s been since we’ve weeded!!). So off they went to save the weeds! I wasn’t going to argue with them about weeding. They wanted to do it and they got a lot of weeds out of the ground.

Strawberries...yum!Ben & Hannah with their weed collections

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