Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The phone rings and the call is for me.

Marissa: Hi, Jenny? Can you take care of me? [sounds frantic]

Me: Sure Marissa, I can. Why what's up? [trying to be calm]

Marissa: Mommy is in jail. Can you take care of me? [sounds like she's going to freak out]

Me: What? Jail? Why is she in jail?? [now I'm frantic]

Marissa: Um, I don't know.

Me: Ofcourse, I'll take care of you...what a minute! [thinking that I remembered what's going on]

Marissa: April Fool's!!! hahaha

That was a good one and one I will probably never forget! Now I explained how the day works here are a few stories that I've been hearing today.

Ben: Hannah fell down
Me: Is she OK?
Ben: April Fool's

Hannah: Ben touched wood and now he has a giant splinter.
Me: Uh Oh... send him in so I can take care of it.
Hannah: April Fool's

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