Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sea World...

We joined a homeschool group today and headed to Sea World again. We love going with these groups. Ben and Hannah requested that we walk around by ourselves today and that was fine with me. I don’t think they liked the zoo field trip/class that we did a few weeks ago. We got around Sea World pretty quickly on our own. We knew exactly where we wanted to go. We didn’t want to go to the dolphin show that they have for field trips, we’ve seen that plenty of times.

So first we went to the penguins and hung out in there for a long time. We rode the moving sidewalk a couple of times too. Then we headed to the sharks (Noah’s choice) and loved that. We saw the giant ones and baby ones in the various pools but the best part was going in the tunnel where they were swimming above us. Noah loved that. We also spent time in the kids’ garden. Then we went over to watch the sea lions and fed them some fish. Noah got a little surprised when the sea lion jumped up to the glass, right in front of his face! Ben wanted to feed them so we bought some fish, the birds are relentless and very forward about wanting some fish for themselves. We had to hold the little container closed like a taco. One bird wouldn’t move from in front of us even when I was swinging my arm at it! Ben and Noah started yelling at it but it wouldn’t budge. I was a little worried about getting too close to it. It finally moved and we were able to feed the sea lions, that was great.

After that, we went to the store because Hannah had to do some shopping. She bought some tiny stuffed animals and was happy. They each used their money from Nanny to buy a souvenir. My rule was that they didn’t buy anything big. So they walked away with a bunch of little things and a few plastic swords.

We saw the Shamu show today, we did so much and the kids really loved walking around alone. They may want to do it more often. We ate lunch in one of the restaurants today, we were treating ourselves since we never do that when we go to Sea World. Noah was so tired after lunch that we didn’t make it far before he fell asleep in the stroller, still gripping his lunch box.

Giant shark jaws

Hannah in the mulberry bush

We found ducklings near where we stopped for lunch
Watching the Shamu show
Noah was thankful for the glass partition separating them from the noisy sea lions
Angel fish
Tuckered out

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