Thursday, April 17, 2008


We joined our homeschool field trip group today on a ferry ride across the bay. We went with Ben when he was a baby but haven't been since. What a special treat. We started off and the kids weren't really sure what to expect. We put our stuff on the top deck and walked around. We watched as we left the dock and took off towards San Diego. They loved it. We talked about how there wasn't always a bridge to get to Coronado. They were amazed that cars could drive onto the ferry (not this ferry) and it would still float on the bay. I think we'll have to go to the library and find some pictures of it. Ben and Hannah had fun playing with the other boys and girls on the ferry, and they loved being in the front of the boat and watching the water splashing as the boat cut into the water. Noah liked watching the water too but from the holes in the boat (see picture below). After our ride on the ferry we walked to the park for lunch and a bit of fun. It was the perfect day for this trip! We'll definitely go again, maybe Daddy will come with us!

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