Thursday, April 24, 2008


I went to check on the kids this afternoon because it was getting quite quiet in between the occasional voice shouting. I found them playing in the mud. We hadn’t put away the cooler from Hannah’s birthday party and Ben was filling it up with water. Hannah was carrying it in a watering can to the hole and Noah was shoveling it out of the hole to a dump truck. They all took turns with shovels and filling both dump trucks, filling the holes with water and then dumping the dump trucks out to fill them again. Ben kept digging and actually found something hard, he pried it out and it was a ball. So now he was into finding treasures in the mud hole, so he kept digging and he actually found a toy zebra! Then he and Hannah discussed how they remembered losing the zebra when they were burying toys a while ago. It’s so much fun to be a kid.

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