Monday, April 14, 2008


Hannah will be 5 years old in about 2 weeks, so we signed up for Girl Scouts. We had our first meeting with the parents and the leaders tonight and it was great. There are 8 girls who are all around her age, 2 of whom she already knows from playgroup. We will have our official 1st Daisy meeting in 2 weeks so until then we wait ☺ Hannah wasn’t too sure about it at first but then she saw all the other girls and quickly changed her mind about it. They are going to have a fun year! Oh and I’m signing myself up to be a leader too ☺ Hannah likes that because she knows that I’ll be there for the meetings. She doesn’t like it when we drop off…actually we’ve never done a ‘drop off’ because none of the kids have felt comfortable with us leaving them to have a class. So this works out just fine.

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