Monday, April 28, 2008


We went to the beach again this morning (with a playgroup). It was the perfect day to go to the beach. This weekend was HOT at our house and we had our pool out (& discovered that it has a slow leak in one of the sections) all weekend. The kids jumped and played in the pool and then we went to my parents house for some pool time there too. So we went to the beach this morning to jump in the waves and roll around and cool off some more. 

Ben and Hannah LOVE the beach. They love every part of it, the waves, the sand, the water, the fun, even the seagulls. 

Noah doesn't. 

It might be because we haven't been for the winter because he loves to swim in the tub and jump around in our backyard pool. He was jumping into the pool to us (last fall) but now he doesn't want to put his toes in. He doesn't want to be near the water. 

So today Noah saved ladybugs in the sand. There were lots of bugs in the sand for some reason and lots of ladybugs. He made little holes for them and called them their houses and he picked them up gently (!) without squeezing them to death. He trembled when they crawled on his arm. He is a little scared of flies and bugs and spiders especially, so this was a good step for him. His ladybug activity kept him busy for a long time today... Hopefully someday soon he'll venture into the water with us.

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