Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pee Wee Sports…

Daddy started taking a class on Tuesday nights and will be getting home after the kids go to sleep so I decided that we needed to do something while he is not here. We found out that our friends are going to a Pee Wee Sports class near their house and that it is free! Even better! So we joined them and they had a blast. The ‘coach’ had them doing just about everything she could think of. They started off doing some t-ball, then moved to kicking the ball, hula hoops, basketball, jump rope and even hockey. There was more but I can’t remember everything they did. It was quick moving so they didn’t get a chance to fool around and get into trouble doing something else. Afterwards we cleaned up and went to the kitchen for a quick snack. The kids really wanted to play together at the park afterwards, so we took them to the playground and they played for about an hour. It was a nice afternoon activity to keep us busy as a temporary one-parent household.

Here are some pictures from the hockey session

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