Sunday, May 25, 2008


Thursday night Corey took Noah to the doctor because he was still running a fever and he wouldn't eat, drink or nurse. I figured it had to be his throat and since I had strep throat a few weeks ago...maybe he did now. The diagnosis came back to be: gingivostomatis which is a virus related to herpes. The doctor said that he must've had contact with someone with an open sore, but we can't think of who that might've been. No biggie. Two nights of no sleep and about three days of short naps was tough but Friday he took a 4 hour nap and woke up refreshed and ready to tear around the house. Also I bought some drinkable yogurt just for him and he loved that it was a special treat for only him and drank about 4 of them right off the bat. He was still having trouble with solid food so the yogurt was perfect. Today he seemed almost 100% but still a little raw in the throat, poor little guy.

So we had a BBQ today with my family and Corey's mom. It was Ben's idea but he really wanted everyone to come over, like Levi and his brothers and Henri and his brothers, Franky and his sisters...and a few more kids and families. He didn't tell us this until a half hour before everyone was going to show, so I'm sorry that we didn't have you all over!!! We will next time, I promise. So the BBQ was fun and the kids had their juice boxes and hot dogs (just what Ben had planned) and a lot of running around.

But... Hannah just sat on the couch for a good long time. When I saw her there I immediately asked her if she felt well but it felt that she had a fever. Poor little girl! She ran to the bedroom and fell asleep. I went to check on her 3 minutes after she left the couch and she was already asleep. HOT. But cold and shivering. And there was a little tear on her nose (from crying) I felt so bad for her. She never gets sick. She's miserable. So, we're caring for another child and are still stuck inside the house.

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