Saturday, May 17, 2008

Farewell friends...

We went to a friends house this evening to say goodbye, even though they don’t technically leave for another 4 days and we might see them on Monday. Despite our rough afternoon start it was a great party, the kids had fun and played and ran around while the adults talked. They are moving to Canada so we may not ever see them…unless they start to blog (then we can keep up with them) or we travel far. We know them from the playgroups that we go to and have really enjoyed getting to know them. The Mom made a map of their upcoming drive and Ben really checked it out. I showed Hannah and she didn’t seem interested (she was more into getting back to playing) but it is a long journey from here to their final destination in Quebec. Good luck Geneviève and Léanore (& Dan)!! We’ll miss you!

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