Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mission Trails field trip...

We joined our homeschool group today for a field trip to Mission Trails. It is just down the street from our house so we got there early! We had a great turn-out for the tour with our guides that we had to be split into 2 groups and walk separately, which was a bummer. The tour guide was very nice, she stopped a lot to show us different things that we might’ve otherwise missed.

Our guide was teaching about habitats but we also learned about other living things in the area. We learned about wild cucumbers (that spikey thing on a vine that the kids drew yesterday) and saw some in various stages of life and beyond (I’ve got some pictures below). Other plant life that we identified were black mustard, which grows wildly around the county, San Diego sunflowers, which are small because there isn’t much rain in the area, and dodder, a weird parasite that just lays on top of plants. We saw lizards, trap door spider holes, funnel spider webs, and a mouse house.

We went into the visitors center to cool off and wait for the other group and the kids explored around, they found some instruments from long ago and they pretended to be in a band.

Some girls hanging out togetherNoah catching air while jumping off rocks
Noah and his girlfriend Eliza
learning before we leave
wild cucumber and seed inside

Bladder plant
our group of little explorers
funnel spider web
touching dodder

holding a wild cucumber
trap door spider hole
feeling inside

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