Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exploring the canyons...

We went on a little hike today at Marian Bear, it took us about 2 hours to do. It was nice weather and the kids needed to get out of the house. They packed up their backpacks with their new art sets and some drinking water and we were off. We had done this hike a few months ago with a friend but today we decided that we would go alone, take our time and stop when we want. We found a loop and decided to try it today. I brought the Ergo just in case Noah or someone else needed me to carry them and I ended up needing it and using it!

Our hike was real nice, there was still a lot of poison oak around the trail but the kids were very good at leaving it alone, staying on the trail and spotting it by the end of the hike. There were so many flowers, tall mustard, and creeping vines all over the place. The bugs sang in the distance and some quieted as we got close to them. We used our senses and heard cars and traffic in the distance, smelled flowers and even touched a few plants too. We spotted a few little fish in the pond and creeks we crossed.

We stopped for the kids to draw the interesting things that they found. We found some weird spikey thing hanging from a vine that they were enthralled with and drew for a long time. Then they turned around and saw lots of beautiful nasturtiums (flowers that are edible) flowing down the valley sides and they drew them too. We stopped near a little pond Noah enjoyed throwing rocks in the water. Ben discovered that he can throw a rock and it have it reach the other side!

We had to cross the creek a couple of times, one time Hannah decided to pick up some of the moss with a stick, while on the crossing. It was too heavy for her but she tried.

We liked our explorer hike today. Noah did get a little tired at the end and I was thankful that he let me carry him in the Ergo, it’s been since last summer that I’ve worn him in it and a fight to put him in it since then. So glad I brought it...

Hiking kidsPoison oak
(leaves of 3, shiny and smooth stems, some leaves may be red or turning red)
Spikey thing on a vine
Artists on the trail
Another spikey thing (not the one they drew)
Hannah trying to get some moss

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