Monday, May 19, 2008


We went to the park for our regular playgroup this morning and after a while I noticed that the kids (my kids) were hanging around me and not playing. They would try it out and then almost immediately come back. They were not hungry, not thirsty (even though it was HOT), just hanging around me while I was there to watch them play. After a while I figured out the problem. None of their friends were there and the other kids at the park were all very young. They were bored. They asked when their friends would be there because last week they had so much fun together. They wanted to work on their bush house, Ben even brought tape and yarn to work on it, and play.

One Mom and her daughters showed up right when I was thinking of leaving so we decided to stay a while. Hannah and Ben had never really played with her older daughter so this was a time for them to get to know each other. At last a few other Moms showed up but it was getting late for us, we left. My kids are looking forward to going to that park again, but I think we might not be going again (to that park). I think the next time we'll go to playgroup will be at a different month. But we may go next week, who knows?

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