Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This afternoon Noah woke up with a fever. A low one but still something that kept us home. We had planned on going to play with some friends after he woke up but then we couldn't :( . So we stayed home and the kids decided to go on the slip 'n slide. It wasn't horribly hot like the weekend was but still warm enough that they got in the water. Noah wanted to go in but then decided that he didn't want to. As the night progressed so did his fever and I was glad we stayed home so that he wouldn't "infect" anyone. I'm sure it isn't anything but it's better to be safe than sorry. His body will work it out. He's sleeping now and I hope the night goes well but if he needs me I'll be there. That is a major reason we co-sleep so that we can be there faster than if he was in another room...and the comfort...and the sleep I get.

Here are some pics of the kids. I'm still playing with my camera :)

Noah resting on me while the others played in the water
Noah's chubby fingers

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