Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday School Graduation...

Today marks the last day of Hannah's first year of Sunday School at the Mission. They celebrated with a graduation ceremony. It was wonderful and much like last year for Ben. Ben also had his own graduation ceremony (from Kindergarten) but the parents weren't invited to join them. :(

This year Hannah's class learned a lot, I think they did a lot more than with Ben's class (because the teacher had family health problems last year). They learned lots of prayers and we practiced them at home so Ben learned them too. We learned the sign of the cross, Angel of God, Hail Mary, the Our Father, the Glory Be, and we started to learn the Apostles Creed. At 6 and 4 years old (for most of the year), Ben and Hannah did very well learning their prayers! They said that the second graders are learning the same prayers and struggling to learn them for their First Communion. Everyone was proud and impressed. They even got a visit from the Monsignor this morning!

Congratulations Graduates!! Ben is off to first grade and Hannah will be in Kindergarten.

Hannah with some of her classmates
Hannah and her teacher
Ben, Hannah and Noah near the Mother Mary statue
Hannah's class after crowning Mary

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