Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spring Fest...

This morning we went to Spring Fest. It is held every year in the Allied Gardens Park. There were music bands and games, rides and lots of quick places to eat and long lines for everything. There was also a parade.

Ben was in the parade with his karate class this year so we all went to watch. When Ben reached us, it seemed like he was in "the zone", perhaps had forgotten that he was in the parade and that there were others watching him doing his karate moves, or maybe he couldn't hear us. He was so focused on his moves and what his instructor was telling them he didn’t hear us until Marissa went and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. Then he was so excited to see us. Marissa and her family had to leave right after we saw him because they had a busy day full of appointments but Ben was SO happy to see them for the split second that he did!

After the parade we went to partake in the other fun that was behind us. There were so many rides and different things to see and learn about. There were giant slides (that Ben LOVED and flipped down-see picture below) and twirly things, and jumpy things and a rock climbing wall. We actually thought Ben wanted to do the rock climbing wall and headed that way when he decided to go on the jumpy. The line was LONG and the wait was in the sun. Noah was tired and didn't like standing in line. Hannah was ready too. They waited so nicely and were tired but when it came time to jump, they jumped and jumped and jumped. They loved it.

We all had a nice day, it was the perfect weather for an outing like this, and there was fun had by all. We'll definitely try to go next year!

Noah and Hannah watching the parade (& Granny-my Mom-behind them)
Ben doing a fan kick
Ben doing iron arms (his arms look like they are touching the mans red shirt)
Hi Ben!
Noah...with one of his many pieces of candy (I couldn't control it)
Rock climbing up the course
Hannah looks so small on this giant slide
Yes, this is Ben doing flips down the slide
Hannah having a ball on the jumper
Ben LOVED this...well worth the 45 minute wait...

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