Saturday, May 10, 2008


We had so much fun!!! The kids really had NO idea on what to expect at this place called Disneyland but now… they totally know what it’s all about. We started out the day at Pirates of the Caribbean. While Noah loves to play pirates in the bath, the ride totally freaked Noah out and Hannah did not like the scary parts, but Ben LOVED it.

We did just about everything we wanted to. We spent a lot of time in fairytale land and toontown where rides and things to do were more accommodating for littler kids. Noah hated the roller coaster in toon town, he was in tears ☹ “it was too fast” but Hannah and Ben loved it and did it twice.

Hannah could not wait to go shopping, she’s such a shopper. She saved some of the birthday money and spent all of it in the Princess Disney Store. And she wanted to shop this morning too, we went around Downtown Disney this morning. She’s such a little girl…

The rest of the time we stuck to mild stuff for Noah, he loved riding in the Dumbo ride with Hannah and I and the storybook land ride on the boat. When we were hanging out in Goofy’s playhouse, Goofy ran out and almost ran Noah over, he was enthralled. Then we we went to see Mickey and the kids got their picture taken with him too. That was a highlight of the day. We finished off the night with a trip on the train around Disneyland (that Noah LOVED) to the front gate.

We didn’t win with everything we did but overall they enjoyed it. And then we treated ourselves to a quick midnight dip in the hot tub at the hotel because we were all so tired from a long day of walking and waiting in lines. We can’t wait to go again next year, we are already planning to go to both parks and stay 3 nights. ☺

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