Friday, May 16, 2008

We’ve got poop…


Just a potty update for today. Noah ran to the potty for poop tonight and did it!!

I think we learned how to potty train the hard way with Ben. It was so hard to keep asking him and put him on the potty. We did that for 3 years and every time was a struggle. Hannah did it on her own, we never really told or asked her about it much. She just knew what to do. With Noah we are trying a different approach. I told him once or twice that he knows how to do it on the potty and that he really doesn't need diapers (got that idea from a friend). And it is actually working. We haven't pressured him into doing it, nor do we ask him every ten minutes, at all except this week since it has been so hot he has been going around naked from the bottom down. He runs to me and we run to the potty together. He hasn't had one accident. We're crossing our fingers that we'll have no diapers to change during the day (& maybe night) very soon!!

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