Thursday, May 08, 2008

We're off...

We are taking our first family trip to Disneyland. The kids have no idea where we are going but they cannot wait to go. They have been asking us for several days about what we will see. We haven't really watched any Disney movies with them because they are just getting to the age that they might be OK with it. We have stuck with some stories. They love the princesses, Mickey Mouse and his friends, and many of the characters on the Disney channel shows. Ben and Hannah are sensitive about some of the content when we read the stories so we have been waiting to watch the movies that we are reading about. We hope to make it to a lot of the park since we'll be there one day, but we live so close that we might just start going every year.

We leave tonight, we'll stay in a hotel so that we can have a jump start on time in the morning. Our plan is to be there when the park opens and have the hotel available for naptime (if needed). We come back on Saturday sometime.

So until then!!

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