Saturday, June 07, 2008


Tonight we went to the ballet. Marissa started taking ballet this year so we went to watch her end of the year performance. It was great and the kids were perfect. We were a little worried that sitting for 2 1/2 hours was going to be hard, but we forgot about intermittences :) We also were able to sneak in a cooler (not that small) of snacks so we were set! The breaks were nice with the little children in our group. They had time to stretch their legs and talk. Not one had a melt down in the theatre.

They all loved watching the dances, the best performance was the pirates. Our children are really into pirates and pirate ships lately so that was super cool for them to see. The other favorite was the little 2 year olds dancing, they were dressed like ladybugs and just adorable. Marissa did a great job on stage (for her first time) and danced beautifully :) We couldn't take pictures during the performance so here are a few from during and after.

Hannah, Devony (Marissa's best friend) and Ben waiting for the ballet to start again.

Noah and Ryan (with truck in front of his face)

Marissa and her fans

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