Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This morning we decided to harvest our sunflowers. We planted a bunch or seeds in October and only have 3 plants left today. We started with two of them. Ben was very excited about it and got right to work. He remembered doing it last fall because he went straight to the thing we scraped the seeds out with last time. It only took a little while to get the seeds out of the flower, they were ready to be harvested. But then took forever to separate the seeds out from the dead leaves and flower parts. I love doing things like this in the garden because now, Ben loves raw sunflower seeds. He wouldn't touch them before. We roasted a bunch of them and snacked on them too and they love those also but the raw were better (we might've baked them too long, they're quite crispy). We also saved some seeds to see if they will sprout when planted in soil. We can't wait to see if we can grow more big sunflowers from the seeds we saved! We are going to give a few to the birds but we'll also hand some out to some friends at playgroup. We love sharing, especially from the garden :)

Hannah picking seeds out

Ben scraping the seeds out

The seeds used to be in here
The seeds... yum!!

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