Friday, June 20, 2008


Today we went to the San Diego County Fair. We decided to go for a few hours and go back another day. So we spent a good part of the day with the farm animals. We loved going around and checking out all the goats and sheep. Ben watched a woman spinning wheel spinning wool onto a big bobbin. I know he was checking out the mechanics of it.
We watched the pig races and boy were they funny to watch. We cheered ‘our’ pigs on in the different categories and watched as they all raced to their prize…an oreo cookie! We took in the heifer contest and saw them give some blue ribbons out. We went into the sports section and they kids tried roping the steer horns. It was great. They were a little bummed not to go on any rides (yes, we made it out without going on any rides) but we’ll be back.

Ben in the wheel of the monster truck out front of the fair
Pig races...go piggies!

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