Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gloomy day...

Noah woke up with a really bad cough this morning so we stayed at home instead of going on a walk down by the river. By the end of the day though it had rained so we spent a good part of the day indoors. We worked on various things that I've posted on our homeschooling blog, so we kept busy. We did get outside for a couple hours this afternoon and I got some nice flower pictures.

Ben decided that he wanted to learn how to roller skate today. We dusted off the Little Tykes skates that Hannah got for her birthday last year, adjusted the straps and got him armed with elbow, knee and wrist guards. He loved it. He especially loved going faster than I could run backwards and slip between my legs landing on his bum. He was a little surprised to learn that Daddy and I have rollerblades in the garage (we haven't worn them in many years). I think he's interested to learn how to ride them. He had fun today.

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